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ABout  Gandiva 

Gandiva studio based in Jakarta , Indonesia, we Plan, we brainstorm, we produce idea, visual identity, still and moving picture to bring the message from your brand to your consumer.

We start from 2008, we  try to combine art and bussines need. Every our step we growing and keep move developed into a serious studio branding design. When we start our job, we play with design area, art directing about company needed, now we more give a suggestion or consulting about Branding. Were not play small area     anymore, we growing up from doing the small things and now were ready to do more bigger project.

We always bring the creative idea for Any brand, from the basic design, build a branding, story telling agency, advertising production and now we create serious a Brand Content creator program division. And we ready to Rock up your brand.

Branding Strategy

We Create a full creative strategy for your Brand Campaign 

BCCP Management

We Build Content Creator Program for you Customized based from what your      Brand need.

Visual Branding Design

Full Services Creative Agency for create customized still Picture and move Picture for Design and Advertising  need.

our Work


 The elements that affect the power of a brand are, from what you see (tangible), and from what you hear and that you feel (intangible). Both of the above elements are the main requirement to build the strength of a brand in the market competition.

 Then, what elements are there in both elements? The elements contained in these two elements are as follows:

Tangible : Products, packaging, visual identity, etc.

Intangible : Quality of products and services.

Our Focus is a your brand Tangible issue, We do design needed from logo, visual identity, company profile, promotion marketing works and etc. And our business reaches all circles, from Startup company to Mega Business Company.

 We have 2 types of Option for branding design division.

First Choice is total branding which provide service for entrepreneur or company which have new company name and want to branding total from zero to complete.

Second Choice is Branding support that we provide support team to continue or help the company that already have branding concept for more exploration, so we can say option Branding support is like having professional design team inside your own company.



BCCP management is a product of gandiva studio which is the answer to the development of the online digital world. Where in BCCP management will manage your brand needs in the form of creative production shows entertainment for your brand, reality shows, TV ads, online broadcast videos or short films based on philosophy, market targets or ideas based on your brand.

The basic idea is to deliver your company’s products, philosophy and brand to the audience, by creating interesting and sustainable video content that viewers can enjoy into digital video and can be enjoyed from the online world which is now the main weapon of international marketing strategy.

Visual Branding Design

Is whole package product from our studio, At this product is your brand 100% Exclusive handled from start branding design, How, When, Where Idea we created, production and promotion. We handled from seed until growing bigger, not about Design or not about production house only, it’s totally
your brand will develop with special and exclusive supervision from our ideas team. We called it “ COMRAD IN ARMS “ project.

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